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Rachael Giannetti

World History: WWII

Rachael Giannetti

World History: WWII

Rachael Giannetti is fascinated with the World War II era in America, when people were kinder and worked together towards a greater good.

From the time she was a child, it was obvious that Rachael Giannetti was an old soul. She spent countless hours at her grandparents’ house and Rachael was surrounded by relatives who fought in WWII. It is here that she grew to admire members of the Greatest Generation. She would listen to stories from one uncle who fought in the Battle of the Bulge; another who was on the USS Missouri when the Japanese signed the peace treaty that ended WWII; and another who was on the USS Indianapolis, which sank and stranded him at sea for nearly a week.

Rachael would listen to their heroic stories and listen to nostalgic ‘big band’ records while her family reminisced. While other kids were into Superman and Wonder Woman, Rachael didn’t need fictional superheroes; listening to the stories of her uncles was proof superheroes existed right here on Earth.

When Rachael Giannetti looks back on this time in history, she sees wholesome goodness that seemed to permeate throughout the United States. Although the world was at war, it brought out the best in Americans. Everyone was working together towards a united goal. Women, who never held employment, were called up to work in factories while their husbands were at war. Countless men, some mere children, were reporting to serve their country and fight for the greater good. People were kinder to one another and more willing to lend a hand wherever and whenever it was necessary. The sacrifices of these men and women shines across time, truly earning them the title: “The Greatest Generation.”

Professionally, Rachael Giannetti is a Compliance Manager at a registered residential mortgage broker in New York, New Jersey and Florida. Working in compliance, Rachael’s goal is to develop effective policies and procedures to ensure that the mortgage application process is easier and more comprehensible for borrowers. The intricacies of compliance require Rachael to be hyper-vigilant in her efforts to stay abreast with the ever-changing regulatory environment.

Rachael Giannetti attended the University of Bridgeport where she earned a Master of Science in Education. Prior to this, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from Hofstra University while minoring in Political Science. When she retires, Rachael hopes to teach Political Science or World History in a college setting.

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